Reflecting on 2017 as a year of unprecedented giving

As we enter into a new year, it is important to look back at 2017 and reflect on just how important the simple act of giving back can impact our communities and the lives of those in need. We have been inspired by the everyday acts of kindness and giving selflessly carried out by our employees, clients and business partners throughout the year. We have seen great challenges met with great courage and triumphant human spirit.

Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that ensued served to unite Houston and surrounding communities and sparked a chain reaction of outreach and humanitarian support that moved the nation.

In addition, individual acts of kindness brought light to children impacted by homelessness and provided supplies, tutoring and support that are changing the lives and futures of many deserving young people who have fallen through the cracks.

As selfless everyday heroes, our veterans and first responders protect our safety, homes, lives and liberties everyday. Yet those who are seriously injured often have little or no access to resources for help with family support, rehabilitation or the high cost of converting homes to meet the needs brought on by injury/disability.

We also strongly believe that education is the cornerstone of opportunity and innovation in our great nation and stand behind people and organizations that make a profound and lasting impact in this area. For that reason, we have pledged a great deal of support to Johns Hopkins University and their Center for Talented Youth program. They provide year round educational support services, tutoring, mentoring, college preparation and myriad other important resources for children who meet challenging entrance criteria yet lack the finances needed to otherwise access these services. Their programs make a lifelong impact to many kids all over the US.

The kindness of those around us served as a challenge this year to stretch the limits of what we can do to make a difference. We are proud to tell you that we have reached a new goal of giving through the hard work of our staff and the loyal support of our valued clients. This year, Polaris has given $47,500 to a variety of organizations with missions that address the areas previously mentioned as well as others that provide local outreach such as meals to the elderly. Following is a breakdown:

As you know, Polaris does not solicit donations in pursuit of our charitable goals. This is not about fund raising. The point of this communication is to let you know how the dollars you spend with us make their way back into the community and impact the lives of those around us. It is also a thanks to all of you that work hard to give of yourselves and make a difference where you live to people you likely don’t even know. That generosity is an inspiration and I personally make the commitment to stand with you all to be a part of the fabric that makes our country strong and caring and supportive and compassionate.